Thank You

Andy Walden and Joe Nunan wish to thank the following for their help in the TICC-19 project. In no particular order: 

David Clarke

Dr Dave Clarke

Emergency Medicine Consultant at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

Dr Bubbu Thavva

General Practitioner

Dr Shwan Maroof

General Practitioner

Georgina Brown

Matron of Emergency Medicine and Ambulatory Care

Leila Wooldridge

Lead Nurse of Emergency Medicine and Ambulatory Care

Tom Lister

Non-Ionising Radiation Specialist (PhD)

Mike Lynn

Non-Ionising Radiation Specialist (Locum)

Toby Walker

Trainee Clinical Scientist

Cecilia Rosa

Specialist Ultrasound Engineer Trust Wide

Alison Horner-Le-Riche

Library and Knowledge Services Manager

Sean Cosgrove

I.T. Service Delivery Manager

Joshua Shipman

Ultima 2nd line Onsite Team leader

Pankhania Anand

Lead Pharmacist

Cheryl Duncan

Dispensary Manager

Will Orr

Urgent Care Group Director

Kate Swift

Head of Medical Workforce

Dom Hardy

Chief Operating Officer

Nicky Lloyd

Chief Finance Officer

Janet Lippett

Chief Medical Officer

Clara Purnell

Head of Procurement and Logistics

Sally Moore

Communications Officer

Victoria Parker

Director of Communications and Engagement

Fen Derbyshire

Directorate Manager for Critical Care

Hayley Hughes

Directorate Service Manager

Lisa Shoubridge

Directorate Manager

Lyndsey Openshaw

Bed Managers and Clinical Site Managers

Blandina Blackburn

Occupational Health Consultant

Dr Cristiano Perrani

Doctor at Spedali Civili di Brescia

Dr Lorenzo Cristoni

Acute Medicine Physician at Frimley Park Hospital

Dr Carlo Arrigo

Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Surrey County Hospital