The Virtual Ward: Ambulatory follow up for Covid-19 patients


Skype/Phone Patient

Ask for sats readings at rest and walking test sats readings


  1. Identify confirmed / suspected Covid-19 patients who can remain at home whilst monitored by ambulatory.
  2. Identify confirmed / suspected Covid-19 patients who need to return to hospital.
  3. Identify those patients who no longer need monitoring.

Covid-19 ambulatory pathway

About 20% of patients who are discharged from the emergency department on this pathway will require readmission. Mortality for patients who fail the walking test can be as high as 20%.

A note on patients with COPD

Many patients with COPD do not have sats of 88-92% but do in fact have normal sats, so do not assume that the patient with low sats who has COPD represents a patient with ‘normal’ sats for them. They may be severely unwell. If in doubt, do an ABG or admit.