TICC-19 Statistics

TICC-19 is a COVID-19 triage pathway developed at the Royal Berkshire Hospital which allows some patients to be sent home with a sats probe. Then they receive a daily phone call from our Ambulatory COVID Clinic. This is our ‘Virtual COVID Ward‘ out there in the community.

As of 24/04/2020:

100 patients had been referred to the COVID Ambulatory Clinic to go into the Virtual Ward. Of these 100 patients…

  • 67 patients had been discharged from the virtual ward
  • 27 patients were still under review in the virtual ward
  • 6 patients were in hospital
  • 16 patients reattended the ED, and of these:
    • 12 patients were readmitted

Of these 100 patients…

  • None of the patients have died

Ambulatory Emergency Care services expect to convert about 10% to an inpatient admission*. We converted 12% so this means we are managing patients with the right level of ‘acuity’.

The Bottom Line: From our early data, patients with non-severe COVID-19 can be safely managed in the community instead of being admitted to hospital. A ‘virtual ward’ provides a safety net for this cohort of patients.

*See Directory of Ambulatory Emergency Care for Adults PDF: